Efficiency and reliability meet innovation.

Efficient and reliable supermarket refrigeration systems are crucial to the food industry. Chinook goes one step further by adding innovation to that equation. Our refrigeration systems are designed to function with the highest levels of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

One example of the innovation we provide to our clients is the first installation in Western Canada of CO2 for low-temperature refrigeration cases and a secondary glycol loop system for medium-temperature refrigeration cases in a supermarket. In addition, we incorporated a heat reclamation system that captures 100% of the heat generated by the refrigeration equipment and circulates it into the building HVAC system. This type of innovative thinking allows our clients to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and enjoy lower utility costs. It's the type of thinking we bring to all of our clients.

Because every job and every client is unique, we offer our clients a variety of design options, geared to meeting their exact requirements.

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