Innovation blended with efficiency and reliability.

Chinook's design team develops refrigeration and building control systems tailored to your exacting requirements and we build innovation into each new project such as designing and installing Western Canada's first CO2 system for low-temperature refrigeration and secondary glycol loop system for medium-temperature refrigeration cases in a supermarket. In addition, we incorporated a heat reclamation system that captures 100% of the heat generated by the refrigeration equipment and circulates it into the building HVAC system. This type of innovative thinking allows our client to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and enjoy lower utility costs.

Whether you are building new or renovating an existing structure, our design team can develop a system that
orks for you. From mechanical, structural and electrical requirement drawings to fixture layout detail to custom blast freezers or coolers designed for specific products, we will work with you and your project consultants to create a system that reflects your needs and the local environment.

Commercial, industrial, or retail - Chinook delivers innovation blended with efficiency and reliability.

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